Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Good Food!

Today I had coach's oats for breakfast, flavored with cinnamon and whey low (sugar substitute), a bunch of fruit and left over pancakes for lunch, and vegetable & bean fajitas for dinner. I was even going to make whole wheat tortillas from scratch, but remembered the TON of tortillas I found in the two refrigerators when I cleaned them out on Saturday, and couldn't justify adding more to the LARGE pile. (did I tell you that we have a WHOLE LOT of tortillas in this house?)

So, dinner wasn't quite as healthy as it could have been, but it wasn't bad.

I've been trying to eat more natural / whole / healthy foods. Since Saturday. And aside from Sunday when I had lunch at my sister's house, I've been doing pretty well. Lunch there wasn't even that bad (health-wise, that is - and it tasted really good), but I had too much dessert. But it was SO GOOD. So good. I had already decided that I'd give myself Sunday 'off' (to 're-tox,' if you will), but that doesn't mean I have to take Sundays off.

Tonight when I was craving something sweet... I actually thought about making more pancakes (because they're that good), but settled on a couple of oranges instead. And they were delicious. And satisfied the sweet-craving.

I think that's what they call a 'win-win(-win).'

Which goes something like this -

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