Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today Was (Is) Mother's Day

Mother's day has not been my favorite holiday for the last some-odd years. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to celebrate my Mom and her life and how much she's done for me (so much), and also my three sisters and two sisters-in-law, but I always find myself wishing I were a mother and had my own children to be grateful for.

Today was better than it's been in the past because I think I'm now really dealing with my reality, and accepting the odds for what they are. (at what age do I become more likely to be killed by a terrorist than get married?)

I've heard multiple times the idea that 'all women are mothers,' and while a part of me understands what they mean by that, another part of me thinks, 'Nope. I'm not. As much as I want to be one, I'm not one. You're saying that thinking to make me feel better, but I'm not a mother. I'm an aunt.'

I'm thinking it would be nice to have an 'aunt's day.'

Maybe there should be an 'eden is an aunt' day, where people bring me presents and we eat cake. Or eclairs.

But then it would be too much like a birthday.

And I would feel awkward from all the attention (just like I do on my birthday).

So maybe it's best that I just be an aunt, and love the opportunity I have to be an aunt to 21 (and more to come, I'm sure!) wonderful boys and girls.

And appreciate the fact that I can just send them home to mom and dad when they're tired and fussy.

I really hope this doesn't sound like a pity party, because it's not (but I did have one of those with my sister when she was in town last month. and I threatened to have one a night for the remainder of her time here, but lucky her, I didn't. I was too depressed... :). I've reworded some phrases in this post multiple times, and don't want this to come off all sad and pathetic.

But I do want to say - Happy Mother's Day!!! - to all you mother's out there who have been wonderful examples to me and others around them. Thank you for showing me the joys of motherhood (even when there's spit up - or worse - on your clothing). Thank you for doing things right, and thank you for making mistakes for me to learn from.

Looks like I'm not the first one to think aunt's day is a good idea:

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