Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Really Embarrassed...

But I am finally responding to a tag that was made in September. Wow, I'm such a slacker.

3 Joys:
- my family - all my adorable nieces and nephews especially!
- beautiful sunsets and sunrises (unfortunately I see far too few of the latter)
- a "perfect" day - when things happen that you weren't counting on, and everything just seems to come together
(since there are far too few "perfect" days, I thought I'd add on that I love all things nature. I love taking walks outside, hiking, running outside (track running just about kills me), and reading outside when weather is even slightly warm - that's what blankets are for, right? I also love walking and smelling blossoms before you can see them, the smell of fresh-cut grass, etc.)

3 Fears:
- that I won't be able to get out of debt quickly (still looking for that second job...)
- that I'll never get married and have a family (wow, I'm being amazingly honest)
- that I won't be perfected enough when the Second Coming happens

3 Goals:
- to lose weight - and just get in overall better shape ... I do have a half and full marathon approaching!
- to be more patient with people (especially people calling in who ask the same question I've answered a million times)
- to become more disciplined in all aspects of my life

3 Current Obsessions:
- trying to keep the front part of the apartment clean (I have new roommates...)
- finding a second job
- trying to get myself motivated enough to seriously train for the upcoming races

3 Random/Surprising Facts:
- I went skydiving and loved it! (see my very first blog entry)
- I learned a (very) little Ndebele on my mission (I learned some of a few other languages, but Ndebele is one of the fun "clicking" languages)
- when I'm alone, I often read books out loud as if I'm the character. I just pick one. Sometimes I rotate.


Deja said...

Wow, I LOVE that you read out loud as if you're a character. Love love love it. Learning that has made my day.

eden said...

i'm so glad that made your day! maybe it'll make it even better when i tell you that i'll affect different accents as necessary too. ... british, southern,... those are the only one's i've really tried.

yeah... this is... kind of embarrassing...

kathy said...

Most of the tags I've read in the past seem to be superficial (like the tv shows and restaurants that people like). But tis one's fabulous; I feel like I actually got to know you better. Thanks!